Once in a while we get unpleasant situations, dilemmas or crisis that surprised us at the work place and we enter an unstoppable panic zone. We stress, over think and finally we meltdown

And that reaction can result in a long-term damage which can affect you work ethics.

Many of the world’s greatest achievers, including entrepreneurs, athletes and artists, could not have reached their level of success without learning how to stay extremely calm under pressure.

Here are eight tips to help you keep your cool in stressful situations:
1. Slow down
As the step is tittle, slow down remain calm and don’t take any action on the spot. Try to fully understand the situation, you might also want to collect as much information as possible because it will help.

2. Stay positive.
Usually when we get in a stressful situation, our mind flies to the negative side. Instead, let go of negative thoughts and refocus your mind on something positive, no matter how small.

3. Never ask “what if?”
Once our minds start wondering off, we start asking ourselves and people around us “what if?” This question often suggests the worst case scenario and that pushes us into more panic.

4. Take care of your body.
Controlling your body will leads to self-control. Exercise lowers the level of stress hormones and helps the body function at its highest level. The healthier your body is, the more accurate your memory and emotional intelligence will be.

5. Limit caffeine
Once the crisis hits us, our reflex is to get some energy because we think it’s the only way to handle the situation, only for us to get hit by a storm of fatigue later on in the day. Dehydrating ourselves with water is the best way to stay on top.

6. Call a trusted friend or mentor.
Confide in a trusted friend or someone you look up to, who is not attached in any way with the situation. Talking to a friend or a mentor will help you hear a get a better understanding of the dilemma and it will help you get new ideas to solve the problem.

7. Disconnect.
Get away from the situation for a moment even if it’s for a small period of time and reprocess the situation. This will help you come up with new solutions and new ideas.

8. Develop a coping strategy
A crisis may require you to invest more of you personal time in your work, like working late at the office or working home on weekends. That requirement will increase your level of stress and fatigue which can affect your health and undermine your ability to make rational, informed decisions.
To be able the manage everything, find a hobbits that makes you feel at peace. For examples, meditating, doing yoga or even taking a walk. These techniques can help you feel more empowered to handle many situations.

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