H Street NE… the official “IT GIRL”!

Have you visited the city lately?

H Street NE is brewing with new businesses, luxury condo’s, a new whole foods, retail stores and endless restaurants. If you haven’t come to this side of town you must for it has completely changed over the years and we love seeing its growth! One of our coolest attractions is the new Trolly that takes you from one side of the town to the other… complimentary! Now that’s the convenience we’re talking about. Hop on from Union Station to get dropped off right in front of our several coworking spaces on 3rd, 4th, 8th, 10th and 14th street.

We welcome all the new businesses to the neighborhood with a warm invitation to visit our professional and chic coworking space!

Don’t worry… we have the coffee waiting. See you all soon!

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